Button   1987 POA mare    Owner: Suzy Nebraska
       CSHS: Ann Marie Larson, Illinois

The owner contacted me in March of 2002. Button had been foundered for many years. The vet had taken X-rays that showed that her coffin bone was very rotated onto its tip. She was very lame and once Bute therapy didn’t help the vet recommended that she be put down.

The pony had been worked for years on blacktop roads that were in the owner’s neighborhood. She had been driven for years. She was pastured in a small area with 2 other horses.

She had extremely long heels, which contibuted to her heel and frog contraction. I took her heels down to 3cm and trimmed fairly wide opening cuts to remove the heel point that pointed in to the frog. I found numerous bruised areas and several small, old abscesses throughout her soles. Once trimmed and left alone she stood and shifted her weight from side to side.

I trimmed her again in April. The pasture where she was kept had been very soft due to the spring rains and her foot had contracted more. I trimmed again and advised the owner to get her on firmer ground. The owner lived in a small town and had blacktop roads, which she took the mare on and walked. The pony was tender on rocks and was not entirely comfortable moving more than a walk.

By June when I saw her again her feet were completely decontracted and had full mechanism. She was now more comfortable moving on the blacktop. She had begun to do more trotting and cantering in her pasture.

She was ridden by children during July and was able to work completely sound.

I have gotten further updates that the pony has continued to be completely sound and usable over the past year.
Above: Button Left Front March 2002 Before trim
March 2001
After Trim
Left Front
April 2001
June 2001