Jesse is a teen age Thoroughbred mare

Her owner contacted me after the mare was diagnosed with dropped coffin bone. Her prognosis was that she would never be sound or ridable again and could only be kept comfortable with large amounts of Bute or other pain killers.

I started trimming the mare in June 2003.
As rather typical of TB feet Jesse had very under-run heels. From the side the back part of the coronet curls under.  While the heels were long, noticeable from the bottom, the heel itself was very low.

In the side picture of her left front foot there is a slight dip above the coronet, while it is not severe it is still visible. This is indicative of a dropped coffin bone. The coffin bone has actually sunk lower into the hoof capsule sitting directly on the sole. A healthy coffin bone is actually suspended in the capsule by the laminae.

Compare her right front foot and there is not a dip above the coronet.

Because of the pressure on the sole many horses with dropped coffin bones have little concavity. We  leave the frog as long as we can intentionally to try and push the sole up. But with Jesseís feet she didnít have much frog to leave.

Another consequence of the pressure is the flaring of the walls. This is still an issue for Jesse 3 Ĺ years later. Her walls are the best when she is being kept are very firm hard ground. While she still flares they are not as noticeable as they are in moist muddy terrain.
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