I bought my first horse, a 5 year old Quarter Horse gelding, when I was 14 years old. I trained western pleasure and
eventually got into dressage. I bought my Quarter/Thoroughbred mare once I was in college.

I went on with college and got my bachelor’s degree in Biology. But I still wasn’t sure what I was going to do. During my last
semester I began to take classes on energy healing. During a meditation one class I came to a decision to go into massage. I
took a course in equine massage. Later that fall I enrolled in a massage school for humans.

I worked in massage for several years and decided I wasn’t working with horses enough. I was given a foundered pony and
my mare foundered shortly after I got the pony. I scraped to find farriers in my area that would just be willing to trim my
horses. I went through 5 farriers over 2 years without any help for my mare. The last farrier, frustrated with my mare’s poor
attitude toward men, said that my best bet was to learn to trim myself.

In April 2000 I was desperate to find information and hope for founder I got online and found Gretchen Fathaur’s website. I
was in luck there were going to seminars in May. I was able to get signed up for one. I learned so much and by the lunchtime
of the first day I was ready to sign up for the course. It didn’t work out just yet. I went home and worked on my horses and
saw some progress.

By 2001 I made the decision to go through the course one way or another. The universe conspired for me and I was able to
attend. I graduated in May 2002.

I have bought numerous horses since I began the course. I got a Thoroughbred gelding that had been a hunter/jumper that
was probably navicular, undiagnosed. Cabby’s story is in the case studies. I got a severely foundered Quarter Horse gelding
that is also listed, Yellar. I bought several minis that are just there to be cute. Howdy, a severely foundered pony also makes
his happy home in my herd of now nine horses.

Update October 2006
I am down to 9 horses now. A couple have gone to other homes. A few others have come and gone or stayed.
One lovely mare that I am working with, Rockette, came from Heartland Horse Rescue. Some of her story will be in the case
studie pages soon. I am getting her ready to trail ride and show next year. She is a prime example of why even the worst
cases cannot be disreguarded.