Caballo is a 14-year-old Thoroughbred gelding. He had been a very successful hunter/jumper in Minnesota for most of his life. He was donated to a youth riding club as a school horse in 2001. They decided he was not appropriate, he was also showing signs of lameness in his feet and lower back. I got him November 2001.
Cabby’s heels were very low in height but actually extremely long and underslung. The coronary band curves downward in the heel area indicating the direction of growth.
In this photo you can clearly see the bar tissue on the left side has grown over the hoof wall. There had been no concavity at all and the bar horn was touching ground once the shoes were removed. On the right side that has been trimmed out you can see how much concavity was achieved. All of the bar horn pressed on the sole and caused it to be very thin.
Over the winter his feet had decontracted dramatically. Then by spring and the green grass came up he wasn’t moving as much and his heels began to contract again.
By 2004 Cabby's heels are finally beginning to grow straighter to the ground.
He is anxious to begin showing. While some horses enjoy the pasture, Cabby enjoys the spotlight.
Updated pictures from 2006
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