Coke  is an Appendix Quarter Horse mare born 1988. I bought her as a 3year old and trained her as a dressage horse.  She foundered in February 1998 when I acquired Elli, a foundered pony. In our area there were few farriers and Coke was very afraid of men so she scared off the farriers I could find. Over a two year period I went through 5 different farriers with no results whatsoever. The last one said my only option was to do it myself.

This first photo I took in May of 2000, I had just gotten back from my first Strasser seminar. Unfortunately I don’t have a sole view. We always regret not getting photos before the horse has been trimmed. She did have overgrown bars nearly to the wall. She was also extremely contracted.
I put the plexi up to show how far from the 30-degree hairline she really was. You can see how long her heels were to start.
This photo is from January 2002. She is still underslung; her toes needed to be backed up a bit more.
This sole photo shows that she is nearly decontracted completely.
Coke has been sound off and on for the past year and a half. She is most sound when she has been moving consistently. She is currently sound but doesn’t feel she should be put back to work.
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