Consultaion and Trimming
I travel thoughout Illinois and Iowa
I also currently make regular visits to  Eastern  Nebraska.

I charge $45 per horse for first time trims, after that it is $35 per trim/visit.
that are more than 75 miles are $45 per trim.

I try to plan trimming appointments within an area to be able to do groups of horses
in one trip. However, due to the increase in gas prices I will charge trip fees. The
charges will vary depending on the number of stops I make, the number of horses I
trim, and the distance I travel.

I try to send reminder cards but it is the horse owner's responsibility to keep track
of appointments. I will be charging $10 to horse owners who do not show for a
scheduled appointment.

As consistency is so imperative to the health of the horses hooves I will now be
charging new horse prices to any horse that does not get trimmed on a regular basis.
Exception of this charge is for those rare horses that can maintain proper hoof
shape for longer times on their own.


On horses that have lameness issues I will fit the horse with Easyboots as well as
some type of padding. This ensures the horse is comfortable and is able to walk
properly before I leave.

             New boots and Pads are $150 per pair for Non-clients.
                              Order Direct from
             New boots and Pads are $140 per pair for clients.
             If I have used boots they are $100 per pair.
             Replacement boots are $70 each.
             Replacement parts vary in price,
                     Gaiters are $15 each
                     New pads are $6 per pair

             If you decide you no longer want the boots,
             I will buy back boots
you bought new for $80.  
             Boots bought
used I will buy back for $50.


I do not charge for lectures for clubs. Generally a talk can take an hour plus time
for any questions. I go through the importance of natural environment and
consequences of not meeting the needs of horses.

Owners that wish to learn how to do some trimming between my visits can learn
during appointments.


As this trim is not a one time fix and correctness of the trim is of upmost
importance, I do not recommend owners continuing the trim un-assisted. Further
trimming appointments will ensure that the owner understands and is doing a proper
maintenance trim so as not to create more problems than a correct trim itself can

I may refuse to trim a horse due to behavioral issues which makes it unsafe for me
or the horse. Or an owner who is not willing to take steps required to ensure the
health of the horse, such as frequency of trims or proper nutrition.

Nearly all horses have some issues and may become sore directly or indirectly due
to the trim. Any soreness that occurs is temporary and will heal with time. I will not
be held responsible for vet bills incurred by the horse owner.



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