Elli is a 19 year-old POA mare. She was given to me because her previous owner could not care for her any longer. She had been foundered for most of her life. I had her for two years before I learned about Dr. Strasser.

Her front feet had extremely long heels perpetuated by conventional farriers. The hind feet had terribly underslung heels. These photos were taken May 2000.
It took me two months after my first Dr. Strasser basic seminar before I had the nerve to trim the heels down completely on her front feet.
By September I had her heels down and had her toes backed up. She was doing fairly well at the time.
In November 2000 I backed up her toes an extreme amount (on advice of another professional) and at the time she felt considerably better and was trotting freely and willingly.
. Unfortunately because of her previous high heels her tendons and muscles were adapted in the knuckled over type stance. Once her toes were backed up she did not have the resistance needed to keep weight back on her heels. She is now becoming extensor bearing, which is very difficult to correct. In addition her toe continues to curl.

This photo was taken October 2001
Update 2005

Elli continued to have problems with her front foot knuckling over. She was very upset when I tried to trim her feet correctly. The pain she felt by just getting normal circulation caused her great stress.

Because of the long term damage in her feet her health began to deteriorate.
Late summer in 2005 Ellie twisted her ankle while getting up and broke her pastern. On a younger healthier horse I would have been willing to work to heal it. But in Elli's case she was very ready to go on to the next adventure.
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