Howdy is a 1988, possibly Welsh pony. He had been abandoned in a field in Nebraska. New owners took him home and had Martha Olivo trim the pony in September 2001. He had toes that curled in two circles, which Martha removed.
I trimmed Howdy first only three weeks after Martha’s trim. He had sever contraction in the front feet where the outside wall had grown over the sole nearly reaching the frog.
I had trimmed the pony once per month but with such a long time in between trims the feet quickly returned to their contracted state.  The owners were not willing/able to maintain the trim and I fought until July 2002 to buy this pony from them. They had refused to allow me to trim since April so his feet had become even more overgrown and distorted.

These were the photos I had taken in
July once I got Howdy home. The entire hoof walls on the front feet were twisted to the inside. The wall had grown over the edge of the frog even worse than before.
From the side you can see the colored stripes in his hoof wall, which show the direction of growth.
Surprisingly he got around very well. He was very upset when I put these rubber boots on him to soak his feet.

Also notice the arch in his back and the muscle line on his abdomen near the hind legs. This is due to movement compensation to be able to walk on the feet he has.
Unfortunately I have not been able to optimize the trim on this pony. He has shown signs of wanting to knuckle over and I must keep the toes a bit longer to keep him from going completely extensor bearing. He has numerous types of contraction. I have been fortunate that I have been able to keep the walls from lying over the sole and the wall is beginning to grow at a more normal angle.
I trimmed Howdy and took these photos on September 17 2003.  I was amazed to compare the new photos to the old ones just a year ago.
The sole is a bit rough in this photo but it shows how much the wall has come out. It no longer grows toward the frog. While it is still not perfect, for this pony it is a marked improvement.

Because of the contraction toward the frog, the toe wall grew twisted. It is now growing nearly straight to the ground. His toe is also no longer trying to curl up.
Update 2003
Howdy had been doing so well the fall of 2003. While he wasn't running around by any means he was feeling very frisky and played with the other ponies.

In December 2003 Howdy came up with a nose bleed. My vet was not sure the cause and was not sure how to treat it. The next day I found him dead in the pasture. No amount of knowledge probably would have saved him. He was very happy here and made many friends that mourned his passing.
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