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Fugly Horse of the Day
Blog:  "Snarky commentary on the breeding of poor quality horses, silly training techniques, dangerous/bad
behavior around horses, and anything else that annoys me!"

Trimming  Sites

Natural Horse Trim
This is the site most of us have found first. There is an enormous amount of informaiton to be found on this site.

The Horse's Hoof
This site has wonderful information about the method. Books, timming supplies, homeopathics and other things can be
purchased online.

Pete Ramey
Pete Ramey studies the hoof and trims accordingly.

Dr. Robert Bowker Studies
Dr. Bowker is conducting many studies on the equine foot to get a better understanding of function, pathology and prevention
of lameness.

Natural Horse Magazine
This is a wonderful magazine full of informative articles on natural healing including homeopathics, body work and training

Dr. Robert Cook's Bitless Bridle
  Dr. Cook explains the physical damage that can be caused by use of bits. He has designed an alternative bridle that looks like
a typical english bridle.
   It is possible to make a bitless bridle out of rope. It is much cheaper to try to see if your horse will accept it. Also great for
everyday work to keep an expensive bridle in good shape. I will be posting pictures soon.

I have figured out how to tie a rope bridle with the cross-under.


Centered Riding

Linda Thomas Animal Communicator
Linda is a friend of mine and I have found her help invaluable. By talking to my animals she has helped me optimize the
rehabilitation process. She does phone consultations and seminars, she is an incredible teacher.

Communication Article
With the help of Linda and other communicators I was able to find out what the horses think of the natural trim style.
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